Styling Your Wedding Photos

Congratulations! The big day takes a ton of planning and one of the many choices that you have to make will concern the pictures of your wedding and the photographer you choose.  If you have already started with your inquiries into photographers you have probably heard some jargon thrown around like “Contemporary versus Traditional” and the style of pictures you may want.  What does it all mean and how do you choose the styling of your wedding photos?  Let’s have a look so that you can have your special day captured in the way you want.

Traditional Wedding Photos

This type of photography is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to wedding photos.  There are formal shots of the wedding party and the families in the wedding.  These types of photos are very deliberate and the bride and groom pose for specific pictures.  You will see pictures of the couple gazing at each other, the bridesmaids all lined up holding bouquets and pictures of the bride and groom with their parents.  If you want a traditional wedding then these may be the style of pictures that you want.  You can get the exact pictures that you want but it means taking time out of your wedding to pose for shots or to head to a specific location to take photos.

Contemporary Wedding Photos

A more modern approach to wedding photos and the style of pictures can depend on what is in fashion in wedding magazines at the time.  The style of pictures can change pretty quickly but your photos will be unique. The pictures tend to be more creative and using a variety of effects. The photographer can put together some stunning backdrops and they use light far differently.  The photos can be beautiful and more like a fashion shoot rather than a traditional wedding shoot.  Here is a look at some examples of contemporary wedding photography.

Realistic Wedding Photos

This style of wedding photos is different yet it is a great way to capture the entire day rather than just pieces of it.  The photos are meant to tell the story of your wedding by taking pictures of the bride and groom getting ready, right through to the last dance of the evening.  The photographer blends into background and captures moments throughout the day.  They will focus on moments that show genuine emotions and the energy of a wedding.  You will have pictures of the bride shedding tears of joy, big genuine smiles and the antics that happen throughout the day.  There are no posed shots but it gives an excellent journey through the day for you to reflect on in the future.