Mixing Art and Science for Creative Photography

Once you start your photography business you focus on your niche, be it wedding photo or portraits or some other type of photography and you concentrate on making your business a success.  We forget that photography is more than just how we make a living it is also an art.  Mixing art and science for creative photography can make for some absolutely incredible pictures.  Let’s look at how you can get inspired and remember why you wanted to be a photographer in the first place.

Bring Your Camera Everywhere

You’re a photographer, it goes without saying that your camera should be with you all the time.  At the very least have a decent camera phone. You don’t have to worry about missing a great shot because your camera is back in the studio.

Go Take Some Pictures

Yes, you take pictures all day long and going out taking pictures on your downtime may be the last thing you want to do.  This is different, go and take some creative pictures.  Go out in nature and grab some scenery pictures.  Walk through the city and take some incredible cityscapes.  Take pictures of people in everyday life rather than posed.

Try Something New

You may have been taking pictures for years but there is always something new to try or to learn.  Meet with other photographers or check out their websites to see if there is something that you can learn.  Practice what you learn until you have mastered it.

Take Your Time

When you are taking photos of newborns, or at a wedding you take as many shots as possible and find the best ones later in the studio.  When you are trying to take more creative pictures do something different.  Take your time and put some thought into the picture you are trying to capture.  Digital cameras make it cheap and easy to take millions of photos and just delete the bad ones later.  Think back to film photographers who had to line up the shot because they couldn’t waste the film.

Enjoy Your Photography Again

When our art becomes a business we can get pretty jaded by the whole thing.  Taking pictures on your time off can seem a lot like work, but you need to change your mindset and remember why you wanted to become a photographer in the first place.  It was your love of composition, light and the incredible world around you.  Now go take some great pictures of it.